What are the costs I will incur?

-There is no product to purchase, and we provide a digital platform to present and close sales. Your costs will be your ordinary business expenses, but you pay us nothing, we pay you.

How long has Cool Life been in business?

-Cool Life has been delivering professional systems to business owners since 2003.

What is the compensation structure?

-All consultants receive 50% of the sale price to start a new business on Cool LIfe. We have a complete compensation structure detailed on compensation structure.

As a consultant, what will the company provide to me?

-We will train you on the sales process, provide you with the marketing material necessary, including videos that best describe the product to the prospect as well as a more detailed video with the features and benefits. Additionally, consultants will have a webpage with unique pricing options to provide to their customers and prospects, business cards, and a secure login to view and manage your account with us, including the detail of your earnings.

How are leads handled?

- Any leads generated by the company advertising will be assigned in the area its located. We use geo-locating to determine who that is. Any leads that you discover can be achieved by simply entering the lead into your Consultant Portal and we will continue to drip market them on your behalf. The most successful opportunities and prospecting is face-to-face, walk into the business, and speak with the owner or manager. Your enthusiastic personality is the best marketing available.

Am I required to work for certain hours?

-The hours you work are entirely up to you! You may only be seeking a part-time opportunity to supplement your income or family’s income, but do recognize that you will get out of sales precisely what you put in. There is no such thing as “get rich quick schemes," and hard work brings improved earnings. Cool Life is no different than any business - if you are only open one hour per day in any business, your plan may be flawed.

What is an “Independent Consultant” mean?

-Independent Consultants perform work or services for an entity on a non-employee basis. Direct sellers are statutory non-employees. They are treated as self-employed for all Federal tax purposes, including income and employment taxes, if: 1) substantially all payments for their services as direct sellers are directly related to sales or other output, rather than to the number of hours worked; and 2) the services performed under a written contract providing that they are not employees for Federal Tax purposes.

Explain how my recruiting consultants help me?

-The process of building a network is straightforward. Cool Life believes that everyone sells, with no exceptions. You will never want to give up your sales income and may not qualify as a recruiting consultant if you do not sell. For the consultants you sign up, we will pay you for their sales ongoing as long as you remain a qualified consultant. More details are on the compensation page.

Is there a reliable 3rd party source that can answer questions regarding being a new business owner?

-Yes, there is an article that will address many of your questions.